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Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating (UFH) systems are an energy-efficient way to heat your home that save space and provide a cosy feeling of warmth underneath your feet. 

Water underfloor heating is an alternative to traditional radiators that can be installed under most types of flooring and is often cheaper to run than its electric equivalent. Our guide will explain how water underfloor heating systems work and what the benefits are to installing one in your home. 

What is a water underfloor heating system?

Water underfloor heating is a way of heating a home through a series of warm water pipes that are embedded in the floor. These pipes produce radiant heat that rises through the flooring and warms the entire room to a comfortable temperature.

Water underfloor heating is efficient and affordable, and offers numerous advantages over radiators. Radiators heat the air in their immediate surroundings, warming cool air as it rises up towards the ceiling. When this warm air cools down, it drops to the floor level where it is heated again by the radiator, creating a circular air flow. In contrast, the radiant heat from underfloor heating is more evenly distributed into the room from the floor up, eliminating colds spots and drafts in the air and reducing energy waste. 

How do water underfloor heating systems work? 

A water-based underfloor heating system turns the floor space into a large heater. A series of purpose built pipes carry warm water underneath the floor space to heat the room. These pipes are connected to a heat source, typically a boiler, but this can also be an air source heat pump, ground source heat pump or other type of heating system. 

Manifolds connect the pipes to the heat source and regulate the water flow and temperature in each zone. The complexity of the manifold will depend on the size of the system and how many zones it controls. 

Finally, thermostats control the room temperature of each zone in the house. A thermostat allows you to programme your underfloor heating system and keep control of your energy usage. 

We supply a range of underfloor heating pipes, manifolds, and thermostats to suit any UFH project. Shop our collection below:  

Heating System

What are the benefits of a water underfloor heating system? 

Water underfloor heating systems are ideal for open plan living or for rooms where space is at a premium.  The system is hidden beneath the floor, which frees up wall space otherwise needed for radiators. 

Underfloor heating uses much lower water temperatures than radiators to cover a large surface area, helping to improve energy efficiency and save you money on your heating bills. Ensuring your system is balanced by using quality UFH manifolds can help to improve its efficiency. 

In comparison to a traditional heating system, where the whole house is heated at once, with underfloor heating, each room is controlled by a dedicated thermostat, allowing you to set the temperature of each room to your preference.

With water underfloor heating, your home is noticeably warmer and more comfortable underfoot. If your underfloor heating is on, you won't need slippers or socks because the floor will heat to a cosy temperature. 

Water underfloor heating is known to be more energy efficient than conventional radiators, because it heats the room from the ground up. Once you turn your heating off, your room will retain its warmth for longer than traditional radiators, which cool down rapidly once the heat supply is switched off. 
We recommend that homeowners should have an efficiency test performed to assess the overall effectiveness of insulation in their home to ensure optimal heating efficiency.

Water underfloor heating is compatible with almost any floor system, and can work best when it is installed under a solid surface flooring such as stone or tile or wood, as solid floors retain heat for longer. Although it is common for homeowners who have vinyl, carpet, laminated, and engineered wood to install piped UFH systems. 

Underfloor heating is much more hygienic than radiators and can benefit allergy sufferers. There are fewer drafts generated by convection and movement of air, which lowers dust and dust mites in your home.  

Simply UFH water systems

Discover a wide range of water underfloor heating parts kits, and controls with Simply UFH. We are the experts in underfloor heating systems and can provide advice on your installation project and a bespoke quote for your design.

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