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Underfloor Heating Pumps and Blending Valves

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Underfloor Heating Blend Valve
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Single Zone Pump Pack Including Blend Valve
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The pump and blending valve are an integral part of any underfloor heating system. Without these, you would not be able to regulate the temperature of your home.

Underfloor heating pumps work to distribute hot water to the network of pipes positioned underneath your floor, which in turn heats the room. UFH pumps are the same as those used within central heating systems. They run whenever water is used so it’s important to look out for an energy efficient pump to avoid high energy costs.

They are designed to help maintain and control the temperature of the water supply so you can accurately adjust the heat in your home to a comfortable level.

How Do Underfloor Heating Pumps Work?

Underfloor heating pumps are connected from the boiler to the blending valve and manifold. The pump controls the flow of hot water from the boiler. The blending valve then mixes the hot water with cooler water from the UFH system return in order to regulate temperature. This is then distributed evenly around the underfloor heating pipes in order to heat the room.

Our Range

We stock high qualitly underfloor heating pumps and blending valves, so you can create the ideal set up for your underfloor system. Our range includes top brands such as the Wilo Underfloor Heating Pump, designed to ensure your system runs efficiently. For an extension project, our Single Zone Pump Pack Including Blend Valve is the perfect option.

Just looking to buy a blending valve? Our range includes different blending valve types, so you can choose the exact specifications suitable for your room. We also offer blend valve options compatible with both boilers and heat pumps.

Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your UFH pump or blending valve, to ensure seamless integration into your system.

Call us on 0330 1003665, email us at: or fill out an enquiry form.

Check out our range of quality underfloor heating tools, pipes and thermostats, with trade discount available and free next day delivery on qualifying orders.

UHF Pumps Valves


Yes. Without an underfloor heating pump, the water from your boiler will not be able to reach the underfloor heating pipes. This means that there will not be an even flow of warm water under the floor and therefore the room will not be heated.

10-20 years. 

Providing it has been installed correctly and is maintained regularly, underfloor heating pumps should last between 10 and 20 years. They are generally very robust and reliable, so should only need to be replaced every so often.

Bear in mind that, underfloor heating pumps may not last this long if they are not installed correctly, or if they are not maintained properly.

Underfloor heating pumps are generally relatively easy to replace. You will need to ensure the water and electricity supply to your pump is turned off before removing. You can then use water pump pliers to undo the swivels and remove the pump. Replace with your new underfloor heating pump, retighten the swivels, plug in the pump and turn your water supply back on.

Make sure that your new underfloor heating pump is compatible with your UFH system before installation. Not sure how to check? Contact one of our experts at or call us on 0330 1003665.

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