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Underfloor Heating Pipe

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80M X 12mm Of PEX Pipe code: RETRO80M more details
80M X 12mm Of PEX Pipe | SimplyUFH
100m x 16mm PEX Pipe code: PEX100 more details
100m x 16mm PEX Pipe | SimplyUFH
100m x 16mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe code: PIPE100 more details
100m x 16mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe, PE-RT Pipe | SimplyUFH
240 x 16mm Of PEX Pipe code: PEX240 more details
240 x 16mm Of PEX Pipe | SimplyUFH
200m x 16mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe code: PIPE200 more details
200m x 16mm Pert-Al-Pert Pipe, PE-RT Pipe | SimplyUFH
320M X 12mm Of PEX Pipe code: RETRO320M more details
320M X 12mm Of PEX Pipe | SimplyUFH
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Underfloor heating pipes are the core of any underfloor heating (UFH) system. They circulate warm water beneath the floor and evenly distribute heat throughout the room.

Our range of underfloor heating pipes can be used for a variety of heating or plumbing projects. Made from highly durable, quality material, our pipes are designed for flexibility and maximum heat transfer, while remaining leak free and airtight. Built to last a lifetime, our UFH pipes are a popular choice for new builds, house refurbishments or single room renovation projects.

Choosing the right type of underfloor heating pipe will ensure a smooth, hassle-free installation and a quality end result. Our pipes come in a variety of options, widths, and lengths so that you can build a system that is tailored to your installation and budget.

What type of pipe is best for UFH?


Cost effective, robust pipe that’s highly effective at transmitting heat. Ideal for use in traditional screed floors and retrofit systems. EVOH Pipe is a triple layered barrier pipe made from plastic with an oxygen barrier (EVOH) layer as well as a layer of adhesive.


At Simply UFH, The combination of our PE-RT and Aluminum provides excellent qaulities, obtaining the advantages of both Plastic (flexibility) and Aluminium (low linear expansion & pressure). Our pipe is also hosts an extensive 50 Year Warranty.

Choosing the right type of UFH pipe for your system can be difficult. If you need some help then please contact our experienced team, who can provide

you with guidance on which pipes will seamlessly integrate into your underfloor heating.  Call us on 0330 1003665, email us at: or send us an enquiry for a fast reply.

We also stock a range of high quality UFH tools, designed to make the installation of water-based systems quick and easy. As well as a selection of stainless steel manifolds and Heatmiser thermostats.


A leak or rupture in an underfloor heating pipe is highly unlikely, especially when quality pipes are used and the system is installed correctly. System damage may occur if the underfloor heating pipe is cut or damaged during the installation process. This is why our range of UFH pipes are made from robust, durable materials that are easy to install. If a pipe is accidentally damaged after installation, then it can be repaired to stop any leaks.

We recommend using pipes with a diameter of 10, 15 or 16mm for underfloor heating. Each size offers a level of flexibility which speeds up the installation process.  

Underfloor heating pipes have a projected lifespan of 50 years, but many will last for 100 years or longer. In comparison to the average lifespan of a radiator, which is between 8 and 12 years, underfloor heating is much more economical.

It is entirely possible to install underfloor heating alongside an existing radiator system. This is a great option if you don’t want to replace the whole UFH system in your home.  How it is controlled will depend on the type of system you install, however there are many flexible UFH systems on offer that allow for hybrid UFH and radiator systems.  All of our hardwired thermostats can replace your existing central heating controls. This allows you to program any radiators you have with our slimline thermostats. Or, if you prefer to control your heating wirelessly, you can use the Neo Stats and Neo Hub.

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